European Pear Never Flowers


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Thumbs down European Pear Never Flowers

Hi, this is my first visit and post. I planted a Semi-Dwarf Buerre Superfin Euro Pear 7 years ago. It has always been healthy with no signs of any disease or insect problems. However, it is now 7 years in the ground and 10-12 feet tall, but has never had a single flower, let alone pears. Any ideas on what might be wrong or what I could do to kick start this tree into production ???
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Beurre Bosc Pear Dwarf requires another tree for pollination. Pollinate with Bartlett or Starking Delicious.

If you live where you get late cold snaps, then buds can be frost bitten and there will be no blooms. Pears bloom early, a few weeks before apples. Are there budding forming toward the end of the growing season?

Dwarf trees are 6-8' and take 2-3 years to bear fruit. Semi-dwarf are 12-15' and take 3-5 years. Standards reach 20-25' and take 5-6 years. The times stated for pears to mature enough to become productive are average times. It can take longer.
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Pear Tree Bloom

Thanks for the info. I do have a Moonglow Pear, plus two Oriental Pears and 3 Bradford pears all clustered together. ALL of them bloom and bear fruit except the one tree I described. I have never seen any flower buds on the Superfin tree.

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