Weeds in my new garden !


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Question Weeds in my new garden !

I recently had my gardens redone. The landscaper removed as many plants and weeds as possible without removing to much top soil. Even though he used landscaping fabric I still have weeds ( tall grass, clover, dandelions ) coming through the fabric and mulch. What can I use to kill the weeds without ruining the plants, mulch, or fabric? And how long will it last?
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Leave the clover as it fixes nitrogen from the air to its roots, and is very beneficial to your garden. The tall grasses, if you have sufficient mulch should just pull up. Dandelions have a very long root, and you need to get them before they blossom and you have 5000 more next year. Now, you say "garden" and you say "landscape fabric" in the same paragraph. Is this a vegetable type garden or flowers? If the Typar was installed properly, you should not have any weeds from below. What type mulch did he use? If it wasn't composted at least a year, then he brought you all those little presents in the load of mulch. Fresh mulch should never be used in a garden.
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RoundUp can be made to work in situations like this - paint it on with a small brush instead of spraying so it only gets on the stuff you want dead.

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