How do I shape these Pines


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How do I shape these Pines

I bought this house 2 years ago and there are pine trees/shrubs surrounding the deck. However, they seem to be getting out of control. They are about 14 - 16 ft tall and I do not know the type of pine. How can I shape/prune them.
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I'm wondering if you ever got any help with this? If not, can you post a link to some pictures so we can tell what you have and how to prune?

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Without pictures, we can't help you. You can post at or other and link here.

Often is the case where homeowners plant without knowledge of how large a tree or shrub will be at maturity. Trees should not be close to the house and they should not be topped. If planted to close to the structure, then it is best to have them removed. Depending upon species of shrub, some can be drastically pruned. Others need to be removed.

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