hot house cucumbers and tomatoes


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hot house cucumbers and tomatoes

I have a green house. I try to keep it vented but it reaches to over 100 degrees. I have also noticed my cucumbers don't seem to have the vitality they did when the green house temp was 80 degrees or so.
1. what is the ideal green house temp?
2. should I give my tomatoes and cucumbers fertilizer?
3. what kind of fertilizer is good to give them?
Thank you
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Axis, you may need shade cloth for your greenhouse (note spelling if you are going to search for info).

1. what is the ideal green house temp?
What you want to grow will determine what the optimum temps should be, but most veggies do best between 75*F and 85*F.

2. should I give my tomatoes and cucumbers fertilizer?
Not when they are stressed. Give them cooler temps and you can fertilize when they aren't stressed. How often and what you fertilize with will be determined by where they are in their growth.

Cucumbers should be fertilized when they first start to vine. Too much nitrogen fertilizer and you will get lots of vine and leaves and very few flowers. You will have to hand pollinate if you grow these indoors.

Too much nitrogen fertilizer on your tomatoes and you will also get lots of green leafy growth at the expense of flowers. Once the first fruits are set you can fertilize if you fertilized when you planted.

Of course growing these veggies in pots is different then growing them in the ground, but the basics are the same.

You might find these growing guides helpful.

3. what kind of fertilizer is good to give them?
I prefer organic fertilizers such as fish emulsion mixed with seaweed as they are more complete with micronutrients, they feed the soil that supports the plants and are more gentle to the plants. I find that most synthetic fertilizers are like sterioids for you plants and can cause a flush of watery growth that attracts pests, they can leave behind residual salts and they don't feed the soil but feed just the plant.

This site has some good info about greenhouses. Be sure to scroll down to 'Temperature' and 'Relative Humidity'.


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