Flowering plum trees


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Flowering plum trees

I had a flowering plum tree planted in my yard about six or seven years ago. All was well until last year and this year when the tree grew many plums which fall all over my driveway and lawn. They are also an enticement for the birds. When I questioned the nursery store employee, he told me this is what is supposed to happen. I find that difficult to believe. I have a mulberryless mulberry tree in the backyard which after forty years, still does not bear fruit. Did I buy the wrong kind of ornamental tree and if so, how do I get rid of the plums? I don't want to have to spray the flowers. Thank you for any help.

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Some fruit trees grown for the flowers will produce fruit. Usually, the fruits are so small or few that they are considered insignificant. Yours may just be one of those with small fruits, just not no fruit.
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Hi Hilbrich,

As Chfite said, fruitless mulberry is fruitless, but ornamental plum is not fruitless.


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