When can I cut back day lillies?


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When can I cut back day lillies?

I have a ton of day lillies planted around my yard, mostly in landscaping beds. They bloomed earlier in the year and are starting to brown out in late summer.

When (if ever) is it OK to cut back their foliage? Am I going to hurt them if I cut them back now or will they merely save energy for next spring's sprouts. They have already flowered and seeded.

Same question for tiger lillies.

Thank you!
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I have a ton [or two] of tiger lillies and they can be cut back anytime after the flowers are gone. The ones next to my house often get cut back twice a year and they thrive just as well as the ones I never touch.

Don't know for sure about day lillies but suspect the same is true.
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I think it's hard to hurt daylilies, so it should be fine either way. Key is to wait until they have flowered, which you've done.

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