can compost have 'pests'?


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can compost have 'pests'?

My mom has a compost bin that she has used for years. She adds more than she uses and the worms are plentiful. So are roly-poly bugs, cockroaches & beetles, among other pests, I'm sure!
Before using the compost in a flowerbed or veggie garden, do these pests need to be removed or will they move on once they are moved? Some beetles eat leaves etc... so i was timid about using the compost.
Anyone have a clue??
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If its real compost, it should get too hot for the critters to live except around the edges.

When you spread it in the beds or garden, the bugs will go where they want. But the ones you mentioned shouldn't affect the plants or they'd have been there already.
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I agree with GG. She may be adding stuff to it, but is she turning it??? You have to get air to the middle in order for it to "compost". Then the heat will take over and you will have mostly worms, which are good.
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Oh gotta turn it!

Turning the pile has probably...okay, the truth is, I haven't turned it in quite some time and I'm sure she hasn't either, so -->

You know what? We didn't plant or garden at all last year due to a family member's illness. We were otherwise occupied!

Consequently we didn't use the compost from the bin. Oh we added to it (!) but that's all we did! So, as embarrassing as it is, I neglected to turn the pile!

No wonder it didn't seem to be very productive~!

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