poison ivy oil on gloves

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Question poison ivy oil on gloves

i know the easiest & safest thing to do would be to just throw them out, but............if i've touched poison ivy with some rubber coated gardening gloves, will the oil eventually dry up & the gloves would be safe to use again? or will the oil pretty much always be there & every time i use them, i'll get poison ivy again?

they were brand new gloves when i used them for the first time to rip out a bunch of hugemongous poison ivy vines growing up our big evergreen, and i just hate to toss them already.........so just tell me i need to chuck 'em and i will. lord knows i don't want another round of this wretched rash!!!

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Wash them in soap and water, same as you would your skin if you got some on it. Then turn them inside out and do it again. Unless someone is extremely (as in has to go to the hospital) sensitive they'll be fine.
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Being incredibly allergic (I have to take a round of prednisone with the first sign of a rash), I am pretty well versed in poison ivy (oak) plants. The toxin is actually not an oil, but a resin type base. That's why it is so resistant to soap & water. What I use is (don't panic at this) mineral spirits & liquid detergent. Remember--you are trying to cut a resin, not oil. Do not wash with anything else.. Personally, no pair of gloves would be worth the risk or the trouble to me. Next time, just spray with CrossBow & be done with it. Remember to clean any & all gardening tools, shoes, etc. The resin never just "goes away" on it's own over time. It is always toxic. Next time get one of those lucky, lucky folks that are naturally immune to the toxin. They actually do exist, I know of one.
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Costco sells high quality surgical gloves that are extrememly durable. I now use them whenever changing the oil on a car, pulling poison ivy or having to fix a toilet on a renal house. Just use them and then throw them away.

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