Help, My loquat tree die


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Help, My loquat tree die

I ordered 2 loquat trees a couple of months ago. About 3 feet tall, looks very healthy. I plented both of them in my backyard, One died a couple of weeks ago. the other one is not doing good either. I dig the other one out immediately and put it back in the pot, now it seems coming back. I guess my backyard soil is not good for loquat tree, or may be I watered too much or too little, or...., If anyone knows how to grow loquat tree, please help.. (I live in Houston area, thanks)
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Always buy healthy plants from a reputable nursery. That way you are pretty much assured that plants do not have pests or disease or are root bound. Always check plants before purchase.
Loquat needs full sun and lots of space. Loquats require lots of water to start. In addition to deep watering when planting, water every other day for a couple weeks, then twice a week for a month, then water deep once a week if it has not rained.
Once tree begins to produce fruit, water only during fruit production and dry spells. Mulch to conserve moisture.
Do not fertilize until after tree has been planted for one month, then every two months during growing season. Once mature, a couple times a year.
Prune to maintain desired height and shape. Leaves are ever green on this subtropical tree. Persimmon like fruit is borne in spring.

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