planting after tree removal


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planting after tree removal

I have just cut down a 25 yr old fruitless muilberry tree in my front yard. I also hired a professional to come out and grind down the stump and any visible roots. All that is left is a big hole and some mulch from the stump grinder.

Now that the tree is gone I want to till the whole yard up and lay some sod and plant a new tree as well.

Do I need to get rid of all the mulch created from the stump grinding? or should I go ahead and till the yard with that mixed in all around the yard.... or (final question) just fill in the hole with the mulch and some original soil?

I would appreciate any advice on this
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I would just till the yard and mix the chips into the soil, do the sod and plant the tree, just remember to dig the hole for the new tree at least 2 times the diameter of the root ball then fill with good soil until the soil line is about 1 to 2 in under your yard surface to give you a small pocket to fill with water also remember to tamp the soil firmly around the root ball to achieve good soil contact with any exposed roots. then water well. enjoy

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