Winter Gardening


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Winter Gardening

My wife has some potted plants that she has left outside all summer long and has grown wonderfully. Now that it is starting to get colder outside, she is going to have to move them indoors soon to keep them growing during the winter. I really dont have a section in my house that gets a lot of sunlight. What can I do to keep her plants alive and growing indoors during the winter season?
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To prevent shock, it's best to move plants when outside and inside temperatures are about the same. Be careful not to carry pests indoors. Spray plants with insecticidal soap. Gradually move plants from sun to partial sun/shade and then to shade to get plant adjusted to dealing with less light. Plants do best if light conditions are similar to those outdoors. Expect some leaf drop and yellowing as plants adjust to lower light.
There are grow lights available. For general info re: grow lights:

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