Is my tree dying?


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Is my tree dying?

I cut some branches off of this tree a few weeks ago and, for the first time in over 5 years, I see parts of it turning brown.

Does anyone know if the tree is dying?

here is a pic:
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Not sure where you live, but here in the South we have pine beetles that attack trees that have had damage. You damaged the tree by pruning in the wrong season, so you may have an infestation. Look at the trunk and see if there are any little holes with sap forming around them. If so, you got em, and the only solution is to remove the tree, as they will spread to other pines in the area. They, however can't migrate from a horizontal tree (don't ask why), so if you cut the tree and dispose of it, make sure it is laying flat on the ground.
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Needles shedding on pines, very common right now

At this time of year, most conifers in the northeast start to lose their older needles. As the days grow shorter and nights get cooler, white pines, spruce, hemlocks, etc start to shed their older needles which are located on the interior of the plant.

Many of my clients call me and think they have a insect or disease problem. this is a normal process.

Look at your neighbors pines. They're doing the same thing.

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If tree presents no signs of disisease or pests, it it the time of year for pines to shed needles. Although evergreen year round, you will see pine needles shed in the fall when other trees lose leaves. My patio is covered with pine needles and limbs from the recent storm. My upstairs window overlooks a large pine right now with browning and shedding of older needles.

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