How to graft fruit trees and grapes


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How to graft fruit trees and grapes

I have a few fruit trees and vines that I would like to graft.
At present, I want to graft a cutting of a good seedless grape to the stock of a sweet grape that has seeds.
Knowing very little of the subject, I was going to take a few cuttings (old cane or new?)and attempt a graft. I planned to cut the stock back to approx 8" above ground and seal off where I made the cut with a very soft plumber"s putty.
Using drill bits about the size of the cuttings, I had planned to drill several holes in the stock and insert the tight fitting vines into holes and seal with putty as well.
Am I anywhere close?
Should I wait until the leaves fall or while the cuttings are green?
If I am all wet, then please tell me how it should be done. Tom
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Hi Tom,

Here's some methods for grafting. This first one will give you an overview of the different types of grafting.

This is for your grapes.

Pics and info on the different techniques described in the first link.

Lots of info on rootstock, etc. here.


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