leeland cypress survived hurricane ike?


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leeland cypress survived hurricane ike?

Help, I had planted 5 large (6ft) leeland cypress in April 2008, they were lush and looking great. We left due to hurricane Ike for 36 hours. When we returned, they were leaning and 1 was all brown, 2 were mostly brown, 1 was mostly green, and 1 was brown on one side and green on the other side. They were unprotected and in a row. Winds were clocked in my area at just over 100mph. I live about 30 minutes north of Galveston. No high water. Its been a month and they look about the same. The limbs are not drooping, there is some green in the stems, and most of the stems are flexible without breaking, just a few brittle areas. I have kept them watered, but just do not know what to do. Could this have been wind burn? Maybe with some salt in the wind?
I can't cut off the brown, it would look worse (just a stalk). The brown isn't going to turn green, so I'm lost. These were expensive but don't know if they will ever look good. I need advise.
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Leyland cypress is rated among those with the lowest wind resistance. With a shallow root system in overly moist soil and wind, the trees tend to topple. In addition to potential blowover, leyland cypress is subject to windburn in prolonged storms. If there is extreme drought, trees tend to die.
Trees can be lightly pruned to shape and keep within bounds as long as cuts are not made into old wood. If in doubt, have an arborist to provide you with an assessment of the trees. An arborist can also provide you with recommendations for species that can do well in your extreme weather conditions.

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