How can I kill a stump?


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How can I kill a stump?

I cut down two sweetgum trees a couple years ago because they were so messy. Now I need to kill their stumps because they are continuously sprouting at the stump and along the root lines. Does anyone have a remedy????
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Hi Buzcar,

You can use this organic method. It worked for me. It still might take a couple of years before you don't see any more sprouts, but you can certainly do it to any surface roots too.

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First get some RoundUp or Glyfos concentrate. It's the concentrate syrup you use to make up weed killing spray.

Whenever you cut down a tree immediatley paint the freshly cut stump with the weed killer concentrate. Paint it several times as they weed killer is absorbed. This will kill the roots and prevent it from sprouting. You must paint the stump shortly after the tree hits the ground. If you wait until the next day it does not work.

For your sprouting stump you will need to drill several holes (about 3/8" diameter) down into the stump around the perimeter. You need to drill down into the living wood. Immmediatley after drilling the hole fill it with the weed killer concentrate.
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A decidedly effective(but non organic) way to 86 the stump growth is to paint or spray it with diesel. Cheaper, too.

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Whk007, with no disrespect meant, dumping or putting any fuel on the ground or plants where it will seep into the ground is now considered an environmentally bad thing and is illegal in most, if not all states. It can eventually seep into the ground water and is toxic to the soil, water, animals and humans. Besides, with the cost of diesel these days, the organic ideas I gave of using jam, jelly, candy, etc would be less expensive.

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A fresh cut of stump and a herbicide like Stump Rot or other will suffice.

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