unplanted tulip bulbs


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unplanted tulip bulbs

just wondering if anyone knows how I can save tulip bulbs that I didn't get planted this Fall. too expensive to just toss.
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Hi Tameo,

Some tulip bulbs are treated as annuals and others will bloom year after year. You don't say which you have. I see you live in a cold climate. If your soil isn't frozen you can still plant them now. If it's just beginning to freeze you can cover the soil with an old blanket or a couple of layers of sheets weighted down with stones or bricks. Give it a couple of days of sunshine and the soil should be workable.

If that doesn't work for you consider planting them in pots, water them, cover the pots with newspaper and keep them in a garage or cold basement. In 3 or 4 months you can uncover them, water if needed and move the pots to a sunnier site.

Another option would be to force them for indoor bloom and then dispose of them after they've bloomed. Here's some helpful sites.
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