cold hardy camellia won't bloom

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Question cold hardy camellia won't bloom

I planted two types of cold hardy camellias in my yard two Springs ago. Both years buds appeared on the shrubs in the Fall, but the buds won't open. Any thoughts?
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Hi Mike,

Since you don't say anything about discolored leaves or buds, and you don't say where you live, I'm going to guess that you live in a cold climate and had an early frost just before bud break.

Fertilizing these shrubs in spring will help with bloom the following year. I prefer organic fertilizers, but if you use synthetics you can use anything marked for azaleas and rhododendrons.

From this site:

Other Problems

Bud Drop: Camellia flower buds may drop off of the plant before opening or the tips of the young buds turn brown.

Prevention and Treatment: Bud drop can be caused by several different factors. One of the most common causes is large fluctuations in temperature or moisture. Camellias perform best planted in areas with uniform moisture that are not too wet or too dry. Freezing temperatures can cause buds to drop before opening. Hot weather during the fall or spring may encourage shoot growth and cause the plant to drop its flower buds. Avoid planting varieties that bloom late in the spring and plant in a shadier, cooler location to help prevent this problem. Other plant stresses due to a lack of nutrients, poor soils or drainage can cause flower buds to drop. Camellia bud mites cause buds to develop slowly and either open late or fall off before opening. Camellias that drop their buds year after year may have a varietal problem or a problem of location that can be solved by transplanting.
Here's some info on camellia care.,9,109


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