Composting and Rodents


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Composting and Rodents

I have been composting with a pile for a few yrs now; recently my neighbor said he noticed rodents by the pile.

I was thinking of building a bin, and covering the bin walls with hardware cloth. Will the odor of food scraps continue to attract rodents, or will I need to try the "buried trash can" style composter instead?

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I would think the rodents would be able to chew through the hardware cloth. Sounds like you are going to have to deal with getting rid of the rodents first.

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We use a regular compost pile for garden & yard waste. There is not much that rodents want except for a warm place to spend the winter. Kitchen scraps (no meat) are worm composted. A large plastic container with a lid holds the worms and food scraps. It breaks the flood down quickly and animals have not tried to get into the bin, and it takes up little space so it is easy to find a place to put it.
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compost and rodents

I have been composting for many years and have had several instances of rodents in my compost pile, I have found the easiest way to rid the pile of unwanted vermin is to heat the pile. I do this by adding in a bale of very green alfalfa hay, break it apart and mix it in well. the pile will reach temps of 180 degrees F and will drive the rodents out.

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