Killing english ivy


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Killing english ivy

My wife wants to kill some a patch of ivy. Anyone have a recomendations?
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Hi Karmrd,

Cut what you can and dig, dig, dig! Try and get as much of the root system as you can. You may see some new sprouts from time to time and you can remove those as they pop up.

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I like to start by spraying the plant with a strong dose of herbicide (Roundup...) then after the plant appears to be dying I cut the trunk as close as possible to the ground. Immediatley after cutting the plant I paint the stump with herbicided concentrate to insure killing the roots. Then if I really have energy I try digging up the roots.
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I'm not a fan of using herbicides. With English Ivy, timing of using an herbicide is critical. From this North Carolina State University site:

I've talked this over with Dr. Joe Neal and he suggested I share the contents of HIL 648 (NCSU Horticultural information leaflet #648) via this in-house Extension newsletter as a reminder . . . this is the time of year for a teachable moment. TIMING is critical when trying to control English Ivy. Table 2 of HIL 648 is entitled Optimum application rates and timing of Roundup-Pro (glyphosate). It is subtitled Amount of Roundup-Pro to Obtain 90% or Better Weedy Species Control One Season Later, Application Timing for Best Control. Joe writes that English Ivy should be sprayed with a 2 or 3% solution when 3 to 5 fully expanded new leaves exist (early spring). This is based on his research and is not on the product label.
Here is the link to NCSU Horticultural information leaflet #648 in the quote.


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