need help with poison ivy


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need help with poison ivy

I don't know where to post this but I have a big problem with poison ivy. Its all over the wooded part of my yard. Its all ground cover and no vines. How can I get rid of it? I asked a friend and he said spray it with chlorine. I think I may want advice from someone a little more professional. Any advice?
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I'm not a pro when it comes to poison ivy but I know your problem. I have a lot of poison ivy [poison oak too] on my property

I've tried bleach, fuel oil, round up and other ivy and brush killers. None of them seem to be overly effective, in fact sometimes it seems like the leaves turn brown just to emerge stronger

A neighbor I used to have bought some stuff at the feed store and sprayed around my mailbox when he sprayed at his place. It killed the ivy for 2-3 yrs. The only draw back is it cost $80 a gallon [6-7 yr ago] I don't know how much a gallon makes or if he followed directions when he mixed it. I don't remember the products name
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Poision Ivy

This stuff is tough as Mark said. Use brush killer rather than a weed killer. It takes several applications to do the job. Good luck with your project.
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I like to buy glyphosate concentrate which is the main ingredient in RoundUp. If purchased from your local feed or farm supply it is much cheaper than brand name herbicides. Unfortunatley I have only found it in 2.5 gallon jugs which will last most people for many, many years.

RoundUp and other herbicides that claim to show results quickly don't seem to work as well on my posion ivy. They seem to burn/kill the leaves off before the plant is able to absorb enough poison and it often takes several applications.

Glyphosate does not provide a quick kill and it may take several days or a week to see results. This seems to give the plant plenty of time to take in the herbicide and distribute it throughout the plant. I mix up a strong batch (per the instructions of course) of the glyphosate in a sprayer and spray the poison ivy leaves every other day until I am certain the plant is dead.

Glyphosate (RoundUp, Glyphos...) are group 9 herbicides. Many plants are able to develop a resistance to the chemical. So, if you don't kill it the plant my come back "stronger" and more resistant. So once you start spraying to kill something like poison ivy or other tough weeds/brush do not stop until the plant is completely dead even if it takes multiple applications.
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So I shouldn't even try chlorine, huh? Looks like I'll be trying to find glyphosate. Another dilemma is I just dropped a big maple in that area. I did it when there was snow on the ground and got all the firewood out of there before the snow melted. I do however still have a brush pile that (once the poison ivy grows back this summer) will be in the ivy. If I kill the poison ivy, will I be able to burn this brush pile in a year or two? Thank you very much for your help
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I have gotten my worst case of poison ivy by breathing the smoke from burning it. I assume waiting a couple years after killing it might help but I would certainly stay upwind.

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My Dad and I were both pretty much unaffected by poison ivy, we could just tear it out by hand. My sister wasn't so lucky. When my Dad burned some freshly pulled vines in the trash barrel, my sister got it in her lungs and was in the hospital for 2-3 days as I remember.
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This is the best site I have for poison ivy removal.

Please don't pollute the ground, and potentially any ground water, by pouring on chlorine or any fuel or fuel oil.

If you want to dig out the roots, one of these will work.

I do remember reading a review of these two somewhere, but I don't remember where and I didn't save the site. Try a google search for review of each to see what they say about which does better in a particlar situation.

From the above site about poison ivy removal (the bold is theirs):

Warning!!! Do NOT burn Poison Ivy vines!!! Doing so will inject the poisonous allergenic oil into the local atmosphere, and anyone breathing the smoke will likely develop the traditional rash inside their lungs! Getting the smoke in the eyes will produce the rash there too. As the oil-laden smoke settles on local environmental surfaces, count on anyone in the area developing the rash as it is unknowingly contacted in the normal course of living.
Summary: Never burn Poison Ivy vines!!!

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