Fruit flies or gnats


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Fruit flies or gnats

For about a month we have had a problem with what I think are fruitflies. These little buggers are what I usually associate with a cantalope. The problem is, we can't find any source. They are everywhere in the house, all 3 floors, but not concentrated in any particular area. We have houseplants we bought about 7 months ago that have never been outside and I have never seen one of these pests on or near the plants. I even bumped the plants to see if there were any fruitflies around them with no luck. So I don't think it is the plants. Same with the fruit bowl - none there either. Go figure. They are about the size of a pin head, slow fliers so you can usually swat them. But having them buzz you while typing is pretty doggone annoying. Any suggestions?
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Fruit Flies are brown with red eyes, if you get a chance to look closely. Not only do they feed on fruit, but also on gunk in the sink. I think I've read that pouring vinegar or other cleaners (bleach) down the sinks will help get rid of the problem.

I would make sure that there is NO fruit out in the open, including tomatoes. Keep all the fruit you can in the fridge. Avoid buying bananas for a week or two.

Good luck, when we lived in Virginia we would deal with this a few times a year.
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Also...check out drain flies....
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Ajbe, take a look at these sites to see if you can id them. I suspect they are drain flies aka phorid flies, not fruit flies.


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