Vines-Please Share Your Advice


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Vines-Please Share Your Advice

I have a 10' by 10' posted wooden structure that I would like to grow vines for to cover the upper roof structure - open air on all sides and top.

I am looking for a vine that:
- Is not so bushy looking, perhaps has the feel of bamboo - don't want to have something that looks like a growth
- Will not attract bees as my wife is allergic
- Is not invasive or takes too much work to maintain
- Is attractive year-round or thereabouts

The vine may be flowering or non-flowering. Something unique would be great.

Any ideas/thoughts??

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Hi Elireinharz,

With your list of requirements, if you find it, it would be very unique!

As for the bees, I would suggest flowers are are thickly double or something that blooms very early in the season before the bees become active. Also, if you remove any flower buds on the posts, the bees would be busy in the canopy and not bother anyone.

One vine that comes to mind as a possibility would be Clematis Montana var. Rubens. It blooms early and only needs to be pruned to keep it in bounds. It will grow to 30', but if you have it going up a 10' pole, the rest of the vine will cover your structure.

Try a google search with the term:
Clematis montana varieties. Some interesting info out there.


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