Shrub Help Needed


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Shrub Help Needed

Hello - I have two beautiful chokeberry shrubs in my landscape and I absolutely love them except for one problem. Their root system is continually growing up through the landscape plastic and rocks. I clip the roots back every few days or so, but they just keep coming. It's really a lot of maintenance and doesn't look that nice. Is there anything that can be done about these roots and possibly prevent them from growing so fast?
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Hi Marie,

From this University site:

Q. Is there a chemical spray that will eliminate the suckers that grow from the base of my crabapple and plum tree?

A. Many fruit and landscape trees are grafted onto rootstocks that offer better disease control. Unfortunately some have a tendency to produce root suckers especially apples, plums, and pears. Sometimes non-grafted rootstocks have a tendency to sucker, like olives. Injury to the main trunk, drought stress, and nutrient deficiencies can also send signals to the hurt tree that stimulate suckering.

Control root suckers by pruning them off as close as possible to their point of origin. New suckers will continue to sprout throughout the growing season. Alternatively, suckers can be sprayed with the plant growth regulator, NAA (napthaleneacetic acid), sold as ready to use Sucker-Stopper RTU. Treat the root suckers early in the spring before they are 10 inches long. Control lasts about three months.
More info on the product.


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