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My backyard soil is becoming very hard over the last year,and I plan on replanting Vegies/Flowers this comeing spring.How can I make the soil better,looser and healthier again without spending an Arm and a leg.Any Info would be greatly appriciated.Thank you
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Hi, I had the same problem at my old house. I got horse manure that had a lot of saw dust in it, put it out in the sun to dry for a bit, then tilled it right into the soil. Fluffed it right up !
Hope this helps.
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I live in Colorado and have clay. It's fine if you add compost but the amount depends on how bad it is. I find it really pays to use it--lots for soil that hasn't been worked recently but always some compost because the clay gets hard again. Also, bark mulch on top which keeps the weeds down and conditions the soil too! It's cheaper the next year because you don't need nearly as much! Happy gardening!

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