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My husband and I would like to plant some black perennials(?) in memory of our beloved cat, Mr. Ebony. We live in Ohio - are there any black flowers that would bloom annually in our zone and where would I purchase the bulbs?
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There are a few black flowers. The
tulip, Queen of the Night comes to
mind. There is also an Iris and a
pansy. I will have to look up their
names. You can also check with the
local extension office for your area.

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There is also a black Hollyhock. This is a bi-annual. You just have to remember to re-seed each year from the dead flower heads and you will have them bloom every year.They grow very tall and regal looking too.
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There is also a black hollyhock flower. It stands very tall and regal looking too.
This is a bi-annual flower so once you have bought the original plant all you have to do is re-seed each year from the dead flower head and you will have continual blooms each and every year.The plant depending on its size when you purchase it,may not bloom the first year just have very large green leaves, then the second year you will have the flowers too. They grow up the tall stalk and are quite beautiful.Good luck
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try they have several types of black flowers.
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Bearded Iris- Beyond the Storm (or something like that)

There is a very very deep violet iris that is indiscernible from black called "Beyond the Storm" (or similar).

It's lovely and it blooms yearly.

Can order online, just do a search on Google.
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Did you ask this question about Black Flowers?


Since the question about Black Flowers was asked in 02-22-00.

Who asked this question? Guests can not ask questions, only members can ask questions. I am just trying to run down where this thread came from. Outside search, Bug, Mystery ECT.

steelee2. Did you just see the 2 posts and then answer?

Did someone else ask the question? What is your member name?

ATTN all Members: We may have a bug, so make sure you look and verify that there is a member name, & the post has a current date before answering.

If you see this happen again, please send a PM to 1 of the MODs.

Thanks all.
Someday we will be back to normal.

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After joining I just decided to browse the Gardening forum and just on a whim went to the last page and saw the black flower question, having some in my garden decided to try to answer. Was not aware of a member name at that time so can't help in that regard. Hope I haven't started a big problem here it certainly was not my intention. Sorry
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No problem.

steelee2 said:
Hope I haven't started a big problem here it certainly was not my intention. Sorry.

No need to be sorry for what you did. I just wondered if guests were stuck in limbo & needed help with their user name.

I have seen this only once before & I wanted to let others know we still have bugs in our new Forum. The way I thought an archive search worked was to give you an answer, but not allow the searcher to post an answer.

The Owners are fine tuning the Forum now, & soon things will start making sense. I'm sure that we all can use the info on Black Flowers, we had quite a show from our black hollyhocks this year they were 9'foot tall & out of this world.

So thanks for your input, & remember we are all here to ask questions, & help others with what we have learned. The Garden forum has some of the nicest people I have ever met &, as a Gardener of 30+ years I learn something new every day

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