Proactive garden protection/maintenance


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Proactive garden protection/maintenance

Hi everybody,
I've been seeding and planting various vegetables in pots and whiskey barrels for a little over a month. Right now everything is doing really well, but.... During the summer I'm busy with work and sometimes out of town for a few days at a time. I'd like to take as many precautions as possible to avoid possible/probable problems in my garden with bugs, animals, etc.

What things can I do to prevent as many bug problems as possible (ideally without using harsh products)? Also, last year squirrels were an issue, suggestions? Finally, my yard is somewhat of a bunny sanctuary and I'm intending to get several plants going at ground level, what will the bunnies not eat and what needs to be fenced?

Currently I'm growing tomatoes, habanero peppers, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, basil, mint, strawberries, and squash in pots and I intend to get corn, sugar snap and snow peas, green beans, pumpkins, melons, and maybe carrots and onions going at ground level soon.

Thanks for all your help.


Note: I live in east San Diego. Dry climate and temps will be above 80 (and sometimes 90) for much of the summer and fall.
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Hi Brian,

Sounds like you have a great garden going. You might want to consider a drip irrigation system for your veggies and fruits, especially the ones in pots. You could put the system on a timer.

These sites list good and bad combinations and plants that attract beneficial insects. The bendficials will pollinate your plants and eat the bad bugs.

Bunnies will eat alot of different plants. You can make 'cages' for your plants out of hardware cloth or chicken wire. Here's a list of plants they don't usually eat. Sadly, most are ornamental with a couple of herbs in the mix.

Scroll down here to: Three Stars in Bunny Cuisine Magazine.


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