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Well, I bought this new home...and let me tell you, the old tenents had not raked in 6 years (and that was verified by the neighbor) B-)

So, we have cut down the tree like redtips and the dead things, raked all the leaves..I can see the ground....mostly bare dirt/weeds, I have started in sections in weed pulling..the red tips now only about a foot high are doing this is in section 1, I soak the ground down with a hose, and low and behold there is a brick border...bare with me the question is coming...

A vertical row of bricks placed as a border for the am spraying this brick down...moving in the direction the brick is going...and there are ROOTS, BIG DANG ROOTS, covering these bricks...THICK ROOTS....I am sure this is not good plant wise, brick wise...any wise...what do I do?? I can't pull them up...I have tried cutting them with garden sheers but now sticks are sticking up from the that you have been patient and interested in this long post, got any suggestions??

Augusta, Georgia
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If you cannot cut them with shears you could try an axe and a shovel. It's not pleasant work, but if you must, you must.

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