lightning damage to tree

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Lightning struck one of a trio of rather tall (50-60') palm trees. A good deal of bark was blasted off the two trees which didn't take the hit. All three trees have a lot of blackened bark remaining. The tree which was hit now looks dead because the leaves at the top have withered and dried. Here's my question: do I need to remove that tree (the one which was hit), all three or none of the above?
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Take out your pruning equipment as well as a sharp knife. Cut out any obviously dead and severely damaged sections. On partially damaged sections of the plant, use the knife to trim the edges of any ragged cuts or tears. The plants will heal faster from a clean, even cut than a ragged tear. This is especially important for the trees with the damaged back but no severe trauma. As long as the bark has not been completely removed all the way around the tree, the tree has a chance to revive. If the bark has been stripped all the way around the tree then you will need to cut the tree back beyond that point. Lightning damage does strange things to trees and I've seen trees that looked like they were barely hit die very quickly and trees that looked as if there was nothing left but charcoal rebud almost immediately.

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