What is the name of this plant?


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What is the name of this plant?

Can anyone tell me the name of this flowering plant? I am in New Hampshire. This plant blooms in late May/early June.
I had to cut some branches off this spring as it was taking over my sidewalk. Any tips on the care or pruning of this to get the most and biggest flowers out of it? Thanks.
All photos taken 5/25/2009.

Full bush


Bud ready to bloom

Bud that bloomed last week. This was low, almost on the ground and in the bush (shaded by the bush).

And this one is also almost on the ground and shaded and now fully bloomed.
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Hmmm almost looks like some sort of miniature magnolia or similar. I'm sure someone will recognize it, Newt should be around eventually.
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Possibly a Rhotodendron. Looks like one we had years ago.

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Yep...thats what it is...just search "rhodedendrom pictures".
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Indypower, that looks like a nice healthy rhododendron. Here's how to properly grow, prune and trim it.


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