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I'm on a limited budget, and would like to put a small garden pond in my back yard. Any suggestions? Would a molded pool liner be my best way to go? Any tips greatly appreciated


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I just found this site but this question is right up my alley. I created my own pond 2 summers ago and I LOVE It! I bought the molds for a pond and a waterfall. I dug the holes and was sure to fill them with sand before I put in the molds to assure that they are supported all around. I filled in the dirt then after completing that added rock all around about another foot or so beyond the outline of the pond for a natural effect.Then I placed edging around all of that to keep the grass from invading the site. To add color and charm I planted several perennials around the pond, filled it and ran the pump and the waterfall. It is fantastic!
Just a thought though- try to keep it out of direct sunlight. Ponds can collect incrediable amounts of algae which is a nuisance to clean and terrible to smell if not cleaned. Also, if you plan to have fish they do need many hours of sun and although enjoyable, make cleaning more of a chore and you have to decide whether you want the additional work or not.
Good luck and have fun! It is definitely worth the small investment of money and the slightly larger investment of time.
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Oh, and in answer to your concern about budgeting for this...which was a concern for myself as well- lets say $80. for the pump if you want the waterfall, less without. Ponds molds can run $50. and up depending on size (add another $30. for a waterfall) and a few bags of sand and the dirt (free)is refilled into the hole. If you can hunt down rocks from a neighbor or company and shop around for plants (start small- they grow fast)you won't spend much- so ideally, under $200. Hope that helps???
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I have a preformed pond inside my greenhouse. I had alot of algee until I discovered a product called TLC at the pet store. It helps and does not hurt the fish, the turtle or the plants.

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