Fence covering


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Fence covering

I am looking for something to plant along a chain link fence.
I need it to stay green year round. We don't have a very cold winter here in Se. Texas, but it gets a little worm in the summer.
I am trying to cover the entire fence, it's 6' tall.

I am looking for maybe a vine type plant.
A line of shrubs wont work, it takes up too much room.

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Hi Travis,

Without knowing your hardiness zone and the sun conditions it might be useless to make suggestions. If you don't know your hardiness zone you can use this zip code zone finder.

Full sun would be 6 hours or more of direct sun.
Part sun is 4 to 6 hours of sun.
Part shade is 2 to 4 hours of sun.
Shade is 2 hours or less of sun.

Most perennial vines take 3 years to establish their root systems before they attain much growth. When you get back to me I'll make some recommendations of annual vines you can plant until your perennial vines establish and get some growth.

If I could come up with a shrub that only grows 2' wide and is evergreen would that work for you? How much fence length are you dealing with? How tall do you want it to grow?

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According to the map, I am in zone 9.
I have about 200' of 6' chain link fence in full sun.
A vine is just what I need. A shrub will need trimming. It's going on my parents place, and givin there (green thumb)<-----ha ha.
It will need to be something that is very hard to kill..lol

Even if it take a bit to get started, but covers good, would be great.


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