How to create border around house


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I'd like to create a grass-free border around my house in order to make my weekly grass cutting easier, and to make my home more attractive. My home is two-stories and about 2000 sq. ft. I will be planting a few shrubs, perennials, dwarf trees, and some ground cover. But, I have some questions before I start:

1. What's the most effective way to kill and remove the existing grass and sod?
2. Should I put down lawn fabric to help prevent weeds?
3. Should I cover with mulch or stone?
4. Can anyone suggest a low-maintenance ground cover for Southwestern Pennsylvania?

Even the smallest suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I am not an expert, but for what it is worth, here is what I am doing for a flower garden. (Likely someone will have a better idea and I will find out I am working too hard ) I am going over the area with a shovel to loosen up clumps of sod. Then I will pull it up and bring in new dirt. I have heard that if you don't get it all out, it will come up forever. As for around your shrubs, what about mulch?
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I too am not an expert, but I do love gardening. When I am putting in a new flower bed, I do it in the fall. I lay down newspaper where I want the new bed to be. cover it with leaves, or grass clippings. Leave it until spring. The newspaper will have killed the grass underneath and you will be able to plant your new shrubs with ease. I personally don't like the put anything underneath of my mulch. I use cedar mulch in all of my landscaping and I love the low maintenance. It doesn't require much weeding-once in awhile a stray weed will sneak through, but they are easy to pull. Good luck.

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