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Red face Littleleaf Linden


We are about to plant a littleleaf linden tree in our backyard. Does anyone know how long it will take for it to reach full growth? I know this is a fast growing tree. I wonder if we made a mistake taking this tree. (it was free from the builder) How far from a fence should this also be planted?

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It's a great tree!

I'm not a professional, I'm just a guy who had a Littleleaf Linden at a previous home I owned. I'd love to have another one. I wouldn't hesitate at all to plant this. I would keep it a fair distance from the house since they do grow to be quite full. But they're beautifully formed, very symetrical treees.
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Hi Tobypoo,

Little leaf linden aka Tillia cordata can grow to 80' tall and up to 50' wide. Since the roots of a tree grow beyond the outer drip edge of the mature canopy, plant at least 30' from a structure.

If you need sites on how to properly plant, mulch and water just let me know.


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