Ants in my garden


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How do I keep ants out of my garden? They are eating everything in sight.
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Few species of ants actually eat plants. Have your local county extension agent identify. More than likely your ants are "farming" aphids. They feed off the honeydew produced by the aphids and will actually tend the aphids like we tend herd animals. The aphids are more than likely the damage producers. THEY LOVE PLANTS!! You could use ant bait which they will carry back and feed to their nest. Check instructions for use in garden. It's said ants will back off a line of bone meal on the ground. Bone meal is an organic soil/plant nutrient. Aphids cluster on leaves, stems, buds and suck the sap from the plants. The honeydew supports the growth of a black mold. Got any aphids and/or black mold? Check your local garden center for approved insecticide or organic method of aphid control on garden plants. Quite frankly, a good hose down is effective.

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