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What is the best way to get rid of bamboo? It just keeps growing back!!!
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When you think of bamboo think "giant witch grass". Try Round-up but be careful of other plants in the area as Round-Up is a non-selective herbicide which neutralizes on soil contact. NOTE: Many bamboos are underground runners. If you don't get it all it will be back. They can also really travel underground and could be coming in from neighboring territory or they could have started at your place sometime in the past,gone to the neighbors, and are now reinfesting your place. Good Luck!
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If you dont want to use an herbicide, and are willing to be persistant, you can deplete the root system by continually cutting down the new shoots as they come up. If there is the possibility that the plant is connected by underground runners to another plant, then you should isolate it by spadeing 6-8 inches all around it. You can find lots of usefull info about bamboo at the American Bamboo Society website http://www.bamboo.org/abs/

Good Luck!

PS. Another good way to get rid of it is to tell your friends they can get free starts from you. (They just have to dig it up themselves ).

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