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How can I keep neighborhood cats out of our garden? They make it a home away from home, and they ruin many plants and drive our dog nuts!
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There may be other ways but I have seen this way work. To deter the cats from using your beds for their business lay down a layer of chicken wire around your plants in the areas where the cats frequent. Put a layer of mulch over this if you have the rest of your beds mulched so your neighbors won't think you've gone nuts. The cats try to dig down and encounter the wire. They really don't like it! Can't dig through it! Have to find somewhere else to go.

There is another possibility in addition to using your flower beds for a bathroom. The cats may just like to play games with your dog. Our cat loved to walk the top of our 6' fence knowing our dog couldn't get up there. For all the barking and noise it was actually a game to them.
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Try a boarder of moth balls.
The smell will keep the cats away.

Good Luck,
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Thanks for the input. Before using moth balls people need to be aware that there are 2 types of moth balls. BOTH are toxic to children and can also be toxic to pets.

The kind that feels wet has paradichlorobenzene as its active ingredient. Consuming over three moth balls can produce ACUTE TOXICITY in children.

The kind that feels dry has naphthalene as its active ingredient. Over 2 moth balls produces ACUTE TOXICITY. A black male child or male child with mixed black heritage who has a specific gene missing can go into ACUTE TOXICITY with just a TASTE of one moth ball - less than 1/2 of 1 mothball.

If you have small children, if you have pets, if small children live in your area, if small children are apt to visit, etc. do not under any circumstances use moth balls. This information is courtesy of the Washington State Poison Control Center. Per the gentleman I spoke with to confirm the above please feel free to call them or your local poison control center.

If you are going to use moth balls (please don't) be sure that you have the appropriate emergency medical procedures available. There are small children and some not-so-small children who will put anything in their mouths whether it smells bad to us or not. It's not worth the risk.

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