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I planted about 10 baskets of wave petunias and a few window boxes mixed some with impatients and begonias they were blooming beautifully a joy to the eye and the smell is so fragrant. Two days ago I discovered that they all seem to be suddenly infested with what I think is Mealybugs. Small white bugs mostly on the underside of the leaves, I have tried spraying with "Safer Brand Houseplant Insect Killer" But nothing much seems to be happening. Can anyone help me with this problem, it would be a shame for me to lose all those beautiful blooming flowers all at once. I need to get rid of the bugs and
keep them away. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Mealybugs are a soft-bodied scale insect. Most common ones resemble cotton TUFTS on the underside of the leaves. The Safer's should have done it if mealybugs are listed as a target insect on the label of the product you used.

Your plants sound absolutely beautiful. I think your best bet would be to put a few of the leaves with the insects on them into a container with a tight fitting lid and take them to your local nursery. They can provide a sure identification of the type of bug and suggest a solution. Just make sure the container is closed. Don't want to set loose any bugs at the nursery. Makes growers really ticked. Best - retired commercial grower

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