Transplant perennial flowers


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I mistakenly planted flowers in clay soil. The roots are dying. What is the best way to revive them and plant them in good soil? How deep should the soil be ?
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Hope this isn't too late. Missed your question. Amend your soil with compost, compost, compost - four to five inches if you've got it. Work it in well to a depth of 12"-18" and reset plants. Water plants in.

Some people will tell you to add sand. Guess what the ingredients are for making a brick - clay and sand! Use compost! If you can't get that add 3" of vermiculite and 2" of peatmoss.

You'll also need to add a balanced fertilizer. 5-10-10 or 10-10-10. If you prefer organic add blood meal, greensand, and rock phosphate. Adjust Ph if required to be somewhere around neutral. Good luck - a retired commercial grower.

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