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I purchased a dwarf lime tree and have great expectations to harvest some limes in the fall. The problem is I live in Northern California near the ocean.
The climate is cold, foggy, and windy in the summer time. I have had the tree for a few months with little to no new growth. Any suggestions on how to improve the growth. What about moving it indoors?

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Usually it is recommended to summer the plant outdoors in a bright spot because the summer outdoors helps harden the wood to ensure a good harvest. Since your conditions don't seem to allow that let's try second best - a bright window. They can generally take full sun provided the soil is moist. Back off from window if leaves seem to be scorching or provide a sheer white curtain. Add plant lights if necessary. There is a book called "Gardening Under Lights" which might prove useful to you. Check your library for this and others on florescent light gardening and indoor light gardening.

Nighttime 50-68 degrees. Feed bi-weekly except Nov., Dec., and January. Provide full sun in fall, winter, and spring.

When you grow citrus indoors you must help with the pollination by doing it manually. It is really simple. The female blossom has the stigma; the stigma extends beyond the petals. Using a camel's hair brush, transfer the pollen from the male flower to the stigma of the female flower. Your fruit starts to form within a week.

Have fun - a retired commercial grower

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