Squash Vine Borer


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Every year the squash vine borer tunnels up the vine on my squash plants and sends it to the grave. Looking for a good none chemical solution to resisting these pests.
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To remove the borer you need to slit the stem lengthwise at the injured point. Remove borer to stop further damage. If the damaged stems are buried under a little soil, roots will set and new growth begin.

That's it - non chemical, organic method. And effective.

You might like to check your local library for a copy of The Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening by the editors of Organic Gardening magazine. It has a wealth of information on everything from A-Z and is totally organic. I have found it to be a useful book in my home library.
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Speaking of the above book I just checked it and found the following additional recommendation. Plant late to avoid feeding time. Or plant early so that the plants are well established before eggs are laid in July. The adult is a moth with clear wings and an orange and black abdomen.

I have had some luck with exclusion. Use a floating row cover to exclude the moths from laying their eggs. One brand is Reemay. You should be able to get it from your local garden center. Of course, it will have to be removed to allow pollination once the flowers show but it will help your plants get a run at it. The cover can be used for several years before replacement is required and it is really quite inexpensive for no more than you would need.

Hope this helps - Ladybug

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