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I have a tree with suckers (I think thatís what they are called) growing from the base of the trunk which grow back within a month after I cut them to the ground. Iím not sure what kind of tree it is but it appears to be some sort of flowering apple or berry tree. The tree has a 10-foot diameter planting bed around it and I donít want to do any thing that will harm the tree or the bed. Because of the planting bed, it is very difficult to get to these prolific suckers. Any suggestions on how to control these suckers?
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Some trees are worse at this than others and it sounds like you have a tree that is being a persistant problem.

I would suggest that you take a few leaves from the tree (2-3 will do) or a 'teeny, tiny' branchlet with 2-3 leaves so the bark will also be evident to your local nursery that sells trees and ask if they can identify the tree for you. They should be able to help you with your problem. Plus, they know your climate and soil in case this is something which should be factored in.

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