dog pee on rose bush


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Its been my observation that most gardeners find dogs to be damaging to plants.We have a rose bush in our back yard that hasn't flowered for years until we moved in last year and our dog has relieved himself on it.Now it blossoms profusley.I know this may not be true of all plants.We have since planted a bueatiful garden full of day lilies,roses,stargazers,and much more.The dog does not seam to have any detrimental affect.Haas anybody had a similiar experience.
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You have had a pleasant experience. I note you said "himself". Quite frequently more of the damage is done by females as their urine seems to be hotter. In fact, our local pet store sells a product to help neutralize it.

Using the knowledge about livestock urine as a base then "if" it transfers over to dogs their urine is high in nitrogen and potassium, comtaining two-thirds of the nitrogen and four-fifths of the potassium voided by an animal. Since urine is relatively concentrated, it should be applied sparingly and only in damp weather to prevent "burning" plants. (Try to tell a dog that.) Pet and/or human urine should never be used as a fertilizer in the vegetable garden.

Your plant growth was the result of the application of nitrogen and potassium (two of the three major plant nutrients). If your soil is low in these you've gotten a little free fertilizer. The lack of damage may be due to your dog's diet, breed, and/or physiological make-up. In other words - you lucked out and got free fertilizer.

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