Yucca Filamentosa (Adam's Needle)


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How do you propagate a yucca? Do you plant the seeds in the pods that sprout in the summer? Simply, stick them in the dirt? Help!
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The standard method of propagation is by division of off-shoots. Dig these from the side of an established plant. They can also be propagated by seed, rhizome, or stem cuttings. Propagating by off-shoot is the easiest method. Simply dig one from the side of the plant along with some root and move over to its new site.

Now growing from seed might be fun but if you live in the north it might also be impossible. In nature, the yucca is pollinated by a small white moth, the pronuba. This night flying insect deposits her eggs in the seed vessel of a blooming yucca, then fertilizes the plant with pollen from another yucca. Then the pronuba grubs hatch out, they find a good supply of seeds to eat, but leave plenty to produce more yuccas. Without this pollination the seeds will probably not be viable.

For fun try sowing some no more than 2 times their size deep in a container of potting soil with extra sand added for drainage. Provide some type of bottom heat (like the top of your refrigerator) and cover with saran to hold in moisture. Ventilate daily and watch out for mold growth on the soil. If mold starts to grow remove saran and just make sure the soil doesn't dry out completely. These are desert plants and can't stand over-watering.

Don't be surprised if nothing happens but it will be fun to try. Good luck - Ladybug

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