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I have woods behind my house therefore I have many deer/groundhogs. I have a list of shrubs they do not eat but I love flowers all colors, lots of colors. Apparently so do the animals because they eat them all. any suggestions for pest proof flowers?? Should I bother with a rose garden?? thank you
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I hate to say this but if you live in an area that is capable of getting deep snowfall every few years like I do even that list won't help. Here, in a bad winter when food is scarce for them, the deer will eat anything including the plants they don't like. We call arborvitae 'deer candy' and they "love" roses.

As a greenhouse nursery grower we sprang into action at the sight of one groundhog. I'll swear they'll eat anything. Practically wiped out a retail sales nursery by doing thousands of $$$ in damage 3 yrs. in a row.

The only thing I know that will work is a deer fence. This will work for both critters. There are some deer repellents on the market but since I haven't tried them I can't tell you which ones work. Check at your local garden center to see what they have. If a repellent will work for you then, at least, you would only need a shorter fence for the grounghogs which would be cheaper and more attractive.

Best of luck - Ladybug

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