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i have a three year old apple tree that i would like to transplant.i live up in the north east,when is the best time to dig it up and transplant,and will it survive ?
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The best advice I can give you is talk to a local tree nursery. They know your soil, climate, etc. and will be better able to answer your question. Is this a 3 yr.old tree (a sapling) or a tree you've had three years - quite a difference in the root system and possible shock to the tree.

I've moved fruit trees bare root, leafed out, most of the roots chopped off, torn out of the ground by a tractor, etc. and essentially broken every rule in the book. That doesn't mean it will work for you. Normally you would need to be able to ball & burlap or move while dormant or etc.

Best to talk to your local nursery and get their localized advice. They might even know someone who can move it for you at little cost. Whether it lives or not after moving is depends on the knowledge you gain from your local nurseryman, following that advice, and "holding your tongue in your left cheek while standing on one leg". In other words we do all we can and then trust the stars.

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