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I have read that for newly planted trees ( a maple specifically) it is necessary to keep the soil moist for 6 to 12 months. What exactly is "keeping the soli moist" mean. This tree is about 10 feet tall and the ball is in burlap.
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Since certain factors relating to soil moisture are dependent on the type of soil you are dealing with and your climate i.e. rain and/or snowfall my recommendation is that you contact and follow instructions from your local nursery that sells this type of tree (not a big box store nursery).

The following is general information: Keeping the soil moist basically means not letting the root ball dry out until the roots have had a chance to grow out into the surrounding soil. How much moisture you will need to add depends on your soil type, climate, soil drainage ability, etc. When the tree is first planted, until the roots have a chance to escape the burlap you are kind of dealing with a plant in a pot.

Normally, after the tree is in its new planting hole and enough of the dirt has been replaced and firmed in to hold the tree in position, you would release the ties that hold the burlap to the root ball. Gently lay the burlap over down into the hole without disturbing the root ball and then finish filling and firming with soil. This keeps the burlap from extending above the surface and acting as a wick which would dry the root ball below ground. Also, the ties if left in place can girdle the tree and kill it eventually as the trunk enlarges with age.

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