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I need to reduce the noise from increased traffic in the front of my home.My home is level with the street and I would like to put shrubs reduce the noise.The advise I get is that they will not reduce the noise.The area is about 150'wide and about 100'from the house.What should I consider to reduce traffic noise.
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That noise can really wear on a person. Shrubs alone, particularly evergreens, can reduce it but only slightly (deciduous only work while in leaf).

You might consider spending about $50.00-$75.00 with a local certifiied landscape architect or designer to pick their brain for a solution based on your particular site and for plant recommendations. A quick consultation may be worth the money.

Here two methods are employed neither of which is inexpensive but I understand do help. First, an earth berm at least 4'-5' high. Sound cannot travel through a solid object - dirt - easily. Plant evergreens on the berm top and sides, both tree and shrub type, to help buffer noise. This will also give you privacy.

Second, masking the sound. People around here add a water fountain or bubbling waterfall to create their own sound. I don't care for this as to me it only adds one more noise to the rest of the noise. It is in the "ear of the beholder" whether it works or not.

If it were me I think before I did anything I'd check with a local "pro" for a quick consultation. I doubt this problem is new to them and they should know what will work and which plants do the best job in your location.

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