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I have a apricot tree 20 + years. Does anyone know the life span? No apricots this year, it's the first of Sept. and the tree is almost bare. (Leaves) Can I save it???
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Though here in commercial growing country an orchardist would have a tree replacement program to keep all his trees in maximum production the homeowner does not have the need to do this as early in the tree's life.

At 20+ years the tree is definitely mature and I would consider planting a tree this next spring that will eventually replace it when the new tree goes into production.

I highly doubt, however, that the age of the tree is the reason for no fruit. Apricots bloom early. The bloom can be caught by a frost which kills the bloom or the pollination which produces the fruit can be hindered by cool and/or cool, windy weather during which the bees will not work. No bees - no fruit.

Apricots are susceptible to many diseases. I suspect (though it is not possible to verify without seeing the tree) that it is suffering from disease or insect attack. Possibly a combination of both as insects will more readily attack a weakened tree.

In addition, the nutrient needs of the tree may not be being fully met further weakening the tree and making it more susceptible to insects and/or disease.

Call your local Cooperative Extension Service. They are in the phone book under county. The listing is usually begun with the initials of your state's land grant college/university. Someone there who is fully knowledgeable about your local soil, climate, and insects and diseases prevalent in your area will be able to help you solve your particular problem.

Unfortunately there are too many variables to solve it long distance without being able to have full knowledge of your area and being able to see the tree.

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