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I have had my Hydrangea for several years and it has always bloomed except this year. I have lots of healthy looking leaves but no flowers. Is there something I need to add to the soil?
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A hydrangea which has done well for several years should continue to do so. As long as the plant is healthy as you've described it and you've changed nothing from the way you have taken care of the plant in past years there is one thing that comes to mind.

Did you happen to have a cold spell or two this spring? I'm thinking that the flower buds may have been damaged by cold. They have a point in their development when they are particularly susceptible to cold that does not have any effect on the plant itself - just the buds.

The only other thing that comes immediately to mind would be if you changed your fertilizer and it got an excess of nitrogen. This would promote plant growth but not kick flower production. Somehow I still feel it is probably just cold damage to the buds.

See how the plant behaves next year. If it is still all plant and no flowers check with your local nursery (not big box store nursery) for assistance based on your local climate and soil. They will be your best bet for advice keyed to your locale.

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