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How do you dig up a shrub? I tried to dig up three shrubs over the weekend and I almost p***ed out. The best I could do was actually cut the shrub down. I tried to dig up the roots but found this to be impossible!!! Is there any tool or product designed to help rid yourself of these things. I beleive that as long as the root is there, the plant will grow back-even it is sawed off. Is this true? Please help!!!
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As you have discovered a mature shrub has a fairly extensive root system. There are a very few that would come back from roots but generally not from the smaller feeder roots. Most shrubs that "will" grow back do so if a stump is left.

Just dig out soil from around the shrub (about 1' to 1-1/2' out from stump) and down about the same. Chop or cut out the exposed roots. That should do it for shrubs. I wouldn't worry about it coming back. If something does (by the odd chance) come up you can deal with it easily since it's small.
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P.S. Forgot to mention. Before you do that digging do make sure there are no irrigation, utility, service lines in there. Don't want any boo-boo's.

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